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Hyperbaric Chambers

Our 60” Chamber are an approved design and have been built to notified body CE. The standards, which have been incorporated are all BS EN for PVO multi-place Chambers and BS EN inspection and testing of pressure vessels with traceability for all construction and parts fitted.

The fitting out of the Chamber complies to the recommendations under IMCA D023 and fully covers HSE UK Legislation.

Our Medi-Lock has approval under the CE approval scheme and complies fully with IMCA recommendations and HSE legislation. Its design utilising lip seals in preference to O-Rings and eliminates locking the dogs which is totally reliant on the operator to ensure the correct tightening of the door. The Medi-Lock can either be fitted into the dished end or on the side of the main lock.

The Chamber is fully plumbed using Tungum pipe, Bibs, Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers and Bunk Lights, Depth and Therapeutic Gauges, Internal Caisson Gauge, Chamber

Mattresses, Analysers, Chamber Communications and Sound Powered Phones are all fitted as standard. The chamber system is also equipped with a heater chiller unit.

The Chamber is fed by 2 off LP Supplies, 02 in and there is 02 discharge. The system also allows for external banks of air or med 02 to be fitted to the system. 2 off PR Valves are fitted for over pressure protection. The interior is fully painted with Fire Proof Paint with aluminium fixed floor plates.

We can provide the chamber shells fully fitted out built inside a 20ft container or shell only.

Please contact us with your requirements.