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Saturation Systems

In saturation diving, the divers live in a pressurized environment, which can be a saturation system or "saturation spread", a hyperbaric environment on the surface, or an ambient pressure underwater habitat. This may be maintained for up to several weeks, and they are decompressed to surface pressure only once, at the end of their tour of duty. By limiting the number of decompressions in this way, the risk of decompression sickness is significantly reduced.
Saturation Systems can either be as in-built or portable systems.

In-built Saturation

  • Gas Storage Tubes
  • ‘Lesgaz’ Diver Gas Reclaim System
  • Hot Water Unit
  • Hyperbaric External Regeneration System Unit
  • Deck Decompression Chamber
  • Launch and Recovery System
  • Diving Bell
  • Dive Control Panel
  • Saturation Control Panel
  • Gas Transfer Compressor
  • Chamber Gas Reclaim
  • Self Propelled Hyperbaric Life Boat

Portable Saturation

  • Hyperbaric Rescue Chamber
  • Bell Control Module
  • Saturation Control Module
  • Machinery Module
  • Deck Decompression Chamber
  • Launch and Recovery System
  • Submersible Diving Chamber (Bell)

Lexmar and our relationship to them

Sub-Tech has been affiliated with Lexmar Engineering in Singapore for the last 15 years. We are the only UK/European distributor of their systems and products.

Sub-Tech and Lexmar have worked closely together on some large projects over the last 10 years.

Please contact us for a quotation on any of Lexmar Saturation Systems or individual products.