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Servicing & Testing

Sub-Tech Systems have a professional team of experienced technical engineers who have a vast knowledge of working in the inshore/offshore industry.
Combining practicality and technical "know how" is why Sub-Tech Systems are able to offer: Servicing, testing and maintenance of diving and marine equipment at the highest standards of excellence.

Our highly equipped workshop enables us to offer servicing to the highest industry standards in all of the following:

  • Diving Bells
  • Re-compression Chambers (including Chamber EQT)
  • Sat Systems
  • HP Compressors
  • LP compressors
  • Receivers/Air Banks
  • Diving Helmets and Masks (all types)
  • Divers Gas and Air Panels
  • Communication Radios
  • Diving Cylinders
  • Diving Umbilicals
  • Valves (D/Loaders/Relief Valves)
  • Demand Valves
  • Hydraulic Tools
  • Hot Water Machines
  • Under Water Camera Systems
  • B.A. sets

Our highly equipped workshop enables us to offer testing to the highest industry standards in all of the following:

  • Air supply Analysis
  • BA sets
  • Communication Systems
  • Compressor Stacks
  • Dive Air Cylinders
  • Diver Panels
  • Diver Umbilicals
  • Diving Bells
  • HP Air Banks
  • HP and LP Hoses
  • HP Compressors
  • Hyperbaric Fire Extinguishers
  • Hyperbaric Units
  • LP Compressors
  • LP Receivers
  • Pressure and Depth Gauge (re-calibration)
  • Relief Valves
  • Saturation Equipment
  • Re-compression Chambers
  • Valve and Pipework

Systems Service, Test and Engineering Facility is now Operational

Our highly equipped workshop facility enables us to offer testing and servicing of all types of Underwater Diving Systems to the highest industry standards.

Our in-house team of technicians is made up of Fitters and Engineers who have extensive experience in working with the equipment used in the Inshore / Offshore Diving Industries.